Example Projects

When you engage a consultant, our experience and existing knowledge base is what provides value for money. Because we have already been through the issues you are facing, we can provide more effective solutions at lower cost and more quickly than if you try to work it out for yourselves. So it is vital that your consultant can provide this or you are just paying for them to learn.

Energy system with storage to avoid constraint

The site had 4 100kW turbines and a tight export constraint leading to lost generation. This impacted both electricity value and feed-in tariff. Implementing a battery system to meet peak demand from constrained generation had good payback and cut Carbon.

Net zero carbon roadmap development

A complex site had an end of life boiler. The short term decision would be to replace like for like. But they wanted to define their roadmap to net zero Carbon so that decisions were made that led to this goal. This resulted in a decision to invest in heat pumps, PV and storage.

Carbon tracking as a management tool

SECR requirements were being met by retrospective annual analysis but this was added cost for little added value. A process was proposed to make Carbon impact a management metric for all decisions requiring Board approval and to track Carbon emisisons monthly.
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Workplace EV charging with network constraint

Limited supply implied expensive upgrade from DNO to implement work place charging. Alternative approach proposed using lower rated chargers and sequential control to enable additional charge points to be energised as initial chargers reached capacity.

Private wire connection to reduce costs

A site had a 1MW turbine feeding to the grid 2.4km from the main site. A private wire was proposed to bring the connection to the site at 11kV which provided payback under 3 years.

GIS tool development to screen opportunities

As part of a multi-site development process for wind and PV, a highly streamlined GIS tool was developed to identify all aspects of planning constraint on candidate sites including noise, neighbours, ecology, radar and heritage.

Direct cloud data capture for site assessments

Implemented direct data capture to tablets which synced to the cloud to achieve 100% first time complete, compliant data and direct transfer of site data to record with no post processing for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Generation performance tracking

Working with limited data captured, a methodology was developed that compared site performance to the fleet peer group to rapidly identify reliability issues and drive proactive maintenance.