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Norfolk Temperature 1884-2022
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Greener working?
Why, what, and how to measure the environmental impact of freelancers’ work Taken from the UN’s...
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Green Credentials?
I’ve just embarked on a freelance career and am very grateful for the advice and support I’m getting...
Hydrogen's not for heating
We need some clarity from industry leaders and government on the future role of hydrogen as an energy...
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Metrics not actions
I feel a little churlish bringing this up, as I have to acknowledge that huge progress has been made...
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Bad taxes
Imagine that you are the government and you have identified that there is an urgent need to reduce the...
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Dumb smart meters
The concept of a smart meter that can talk to the supplier and to appliances to react to time-of-use...
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Cheap Gas
We have a problem: for each effective kWh of heat electricity costs 7.6p and gas 4.7p but the gas emits...

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John Moore

Director, Carbon Reduction

Kathy Moore

Director, Carbon Education